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Penguin Pottery

Penguin Pottery - Glow in The Dark Pottery Glaze - Blue - Low Fire Glaze Cone 06 - Glow in The Dark Paint for Ceramics (5 oz | 148 ml)

Penguin Pottery - Glow in The Dark Pottery Glaze - Blue - Low Fire Glaze Cone 06 - Glow in The Dark Paint for Ceramics (5 oz | 148 ml)

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  • [EXCLUSIVELY BY PENGUIN POTTERY!] - After many months of research, Penguin Pottery is introducing the first Glow in the Dark glaze for ceramics and pottery! We are so excited to bring you this amazing new ceramic glaze line and can't wait to see what you create! Check out the video we made, you're going to love it! Just in time for Halloween! Get everyone's attention making original decorations for special occasions. Great Christmas gift and original birthday gift.
  • [EASY TO USE] - You can paint our glow in the dark glaze onto greenware, bisqueware or already-glazed finished work . This glaze should be fired to a fast cone 06. Any hotter and the glaze may lose its glow. Contents may settle at the bottom of the jar. Stir with every dip of your brush. The glow glaze doesn’t have a glossy smooth finish and that’s normal. For a glossy finish, cover it with our low fire clear glaze formulated (sold separately) and fire them together at cone 06.
  • [FIRE IN POTTERY KILN] - Pottery glaze must be fired in a pottery kiln. Do not fired in a kitchen oven. Ceramic glazes are classified according to a temperature range ("cone") in three general groups: "low-fire," "mid-fire," and "high-fire." Your ceramic kiln must be temperature calibrated to confirm it is firing at the target temperature / cone. Our glow glaze is nontoxic but has not been tested for food safety. We don’t recommend painting this glaze on surfaces that will have food on them.
  • [GET IT GLOWING!] - After you fire your ceramic, expose it to UV light, daylight, ultraviolet light, etc. The fired glaze stores the light energy and then slowly releases over time. At night or in a dark room, you will see the luminescence. Tip: the longer you expose the fired glaze to light, the longer it will radiate afterwards.
  • [LIFETIME WARRANTY] - All Penguin Pottery products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. See warranty & support section for more information. If you have any issues, we will give you a refund or replace your board - no questions asked!
  • Try decorating with lines of underglaze over our glow glaze to get a silhouette of glow through your design!
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