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Penguin Pottery - 1/2 Gallon Mid Fire Clear Glaze - Cone 5-6 for Mid Fire Clay, High Fire Clay - Ceramic Glaze Pottery (1/2 Gallon | 64 oz | 1.9 L)

Penguin Pottery - 1/2 Gallon Mid Fire Clear Glaze - Cone 5-6 for Mid Fire Clay, High Fire Clay - Ceramic Glaze Pottery (1/2 Gallon | 64 oz | 1.9 L)

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  • Our Clear glaze is zinc free and should look great over underglaze decoration as well as decals. For best results fire to cone 6.
  • Our glazes made in the USA by expert potters. They are lead-free, non-toxic and food safe (when properly fired and tested). Our mid fire glazes offer similar color ranges to our low fire glazes, but also introduce interesting effects and tonality not available in low fire glazes when fired in a pottery kiln at cone 5 or cone 6. Sometimes glaze contents will settle. That's normal! Ceramic glazes need to be fully mixed to ensure smooth application. We recommend mixing for at least 1-2 minutes.
  • Pottery glaze must be fired in a pottery kiln at the correct temperature. Do not fired in a kitchen oven. Your ceramic kiln must be temperature calibrated to confirm it is firing at the target temperature / cone. Ceramic glazes are classified according to a temperature range ("cone") in three general groups: "low-fire," "mid-fire," and "high-fire." Over-firing will damage the piece and possibly the kiln. Under-firing will give you ugly results that will not look like the swatch image.
  • Glazes will react differently (and look different) depending on several factors, including: (a) the temperature at which they're fired: even small changes in temperature can lead to different outcomes; (b) the clay body on which the glaze is applied: the same glaze will look different if applied to a darker vs. lighter clay; (c) the speed at which your kiln reaches the target temperature; and (d) how much oxygen is in the kiln's atmosphere while firing. Test before applying.
  • You can apply glazes either by (a) dipping your bisqued piece into the glaze or (b) brushing it on. Our glazes are ready to apply with a brush. If you're looking to dip, we recommend applying a dispersing agent like Darvan.
  • [LIFETIME WARRANTY] - All Penguin Pottery products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. if you have any issues, we will give you a refund or replace your product - no questions asked! See warranty & support section for more information.

Details: Penguin Pottery’s glazes offer a huge range of effects to choose from: vivid, bright, smooth, glossy, textured, satin, matte; opaque, semi-opaque, semi-translucent, translucent, flowing, non-flowing.

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